Dating worked so much better with an open mind. In my 20s, I dismissed men for such minutiae: listening to the wrong music, wearing the wrong socks. I got mad at a guy in college because he liked porn. I mean, what planet was I living on? But I was young, and I was righteous, and I couldn’t forgive any man for failing to be John Cusack (who probably also likes porn). I didn’t date much.

Sarah Hepola, My Search For One Decent Dallas Man (via nogreatillusion)

Hello Dallas dating,

This article could’ve been written by me but with the title - Single In Dallas: My Worst Nightmare.

Hello Home By Hovercraft “Rocket”

If I die in the summer I want to buried

If I die in the winter I want to be burned

If I die in your arms 

I want to be put inside a rocket

and shot up to the sun

I am officially in love with this Dallas band. Not only are they great musicians, fantastic human beings, they also have a step dancer as part of the band. Oh, AND they’re making a musical, because they are that awesome.