The year was AD 711 when Tariq ibn-Ziyad’s army crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain and brought with them the Islamic religion, grandiose architecture and a soup of stale bread, olive oil, water and garlic that would…

Hello yellow tomato gazpacho,

this is perfect, but really every single video is perfect and if you enjoy salivating over delicious food you must watch.


Flawed Symmetry of Prediction is an outstanding short film by filmmaker Jeff Frost that defies categorization as it ventures into time lapse, street art, and even optical illusion. Via email Jeff tells me:

I roam the deserts of California and Utah looking for abandoned structures. When I find a room that I like, I paint large scale optical illusions on the inside of it. I record this process with time lapse photography. It took me over half a year and more than 40,000 high resolution still images to produce this film on my Canon 60D. Aside from painting supplies, the only other equipment I used was a borrowed tripod, and some pretty unconventional lighting. As post production goes, no graphics or CGI was used whatsoever.

Hello this took my breath away.

Hello Shia LaBeouf,

It’s Tuesday and I’m back to the daily grind of reading everything on the Internet. I happened on this article

So What The Hell Has Been Going On With Shia LeBeouf Lately?

and a flame alighted, a curious flame. Then I watched that weird Sigur Ros art music video thing and the flame turned into an epiphany.

Shia, I thought you were an ass (I probably still do) but you’ve got my attention. 

Maybe because you have similar qualities of every single man I have been interested in, dated, or befriended in the last 3 years:

artistic, intelligent, wandering, tattooed, outspoken, a little (or a lot) tortured, intense, bearded (or mustached).

Shia LaBeouf

 See? Beard.

I imagine you also love fine gin and/or whiskey and refuse to wear shoes on occasion, which seals the proverbial deal. 


YNRichKids - “Hot Cheetos and Takis”

I’ve been yelling “SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! CRUNCH!” all over the Parks and Rec to many confused looks.


YNRichKids - ‘Hot Cheetos and Takis’

I have listened to this 10x times in a row and think it’s great. The beat sounds dope (if there was a Lex Luger drop I’d believe that he did it) and the kids are actually good rappers. [Content removed due to unnecessary Sh’Boss boy hatin’ - Aziz]

Hello new jam.